Robotutor™ UK, a strategic business partner of Planettutor™ Inc, which is a leading global e-learning service provider. Our one-to-one online tutoring sessions have been successful in USA, The Middle East and India. Our aim is to provide a unique online learning facility, empowered by technology which enables and inspires every child to make the best use of there computer and learn the way they want. With a team of accredited teaching experts with sound academic background and a state of the art infrastructure, we offer cost effective smart educational solutions. The indigenous program architecture and tutoring style guarantees mastery in learning with improved scores and enhanced levels of confidence in students. Robotutor™ is professionally managed with a highly open, performance driven and result oriented work culture. We have a world class management team with direct knowledge of the industry, extensive research experience, and unique administration skills.
     As an organization we have made commendable contributions to the way children learn. Our principle is to offer solutions rather than suggestions and so far we have done this at the highest level of quality and the least possible cost.  Our partner website www.planettutor.com will give you a fair idea about the effectiveness and success of this new age concept in the USA, India and the Middle East. All this has been possible with our core team of Subject Matter Experts and highly experienced and qualified tutors who can relate to the students and improvise on their techniques to deliver an exceptional learning experience to every child.  Our efforts have so far been applauded by authorities of every region where we operate and have even been recognised and honoured in the United States of America by respected President Obama, details of which are proudly displayed on our website.

What Tutoring do we Offer?

•     Starting from the grade 6 and stretching to grade 12.
•     Comprehensive, student specific and result oriented online one-to-one tutoring for every child in all the subjects in the curriculum.
•     Personal One-to-one online tutoring, which means children have the independence to decide what they want to learn, how they want to learn it, when and whom they want to learn from.
•     A host of tutors from which the children can select the one they are comfortable with and can have regular and unlimited sessions thereafter.
•     Each session is followed by a two way feedback in order to improve real-time and we also provide assessments and test papers for students to practice.
•     Parents can be actively involved in the process by accessing progress reports.

Our motive here is to let every child have an experience of this service before we go any further as we are sure that the service we are offering is something which every child needs to benefit from. Upon your initial response we shall readily send you all the information which you need and will assist you at every stage for setting up, using and maintaining this service with a promise of immediate results.
This is not just a teaching aid apart from the traditional classroom, but is something which will generate interest and fun in the educational experience of a child.
This concept is being launched in various parts of UK and our dedicated UK website www.planettutor.org.uk  will be ready to use from August 23rd 2009. We have bought the sole rights to launch and manage this service in the UK and can provide you with the best packages available.