Company profile

Planon is a leading global real estate and facility management software company that provides Integrated Workplace Management Solutions (IWMS) to companies around the world.

Planon’s depth of experience in delivering real estate and facility management software solutions help organisations with all aspects of the project lifecycle. Planon solutions are developed solutions based on both market experience and demands and are further configured in line with individual customer requirements on a project by project basis.  Our solutions focus on centralising and automating company-wide real estate and facility management operations for customers, significantly reducing expenditure and adding tangible value to real estate portfolios.

The Planon Green Workplace Economics series of solutions includes:
• Corporate Real Estate Solution
Enhances real estate performance by aligning real estate strategy with your company's financial, operational, and environmental goals.
• Smart Workplace Solution
Enables the increasing flexibility required by the workforce, thereby reducing required workspace while improving the sustainable footprint.
• Maintenance Management Solution
Allows a ‘just in time’ and ‘fit for purpose’ approach to maintenance management.
• Integrated Services Management Solution
Renders people-centric services to the company’s core-business workforce to improve workforce productivity and enhancing workforce satisfaction.

Planon’s Green Workplace Economics - Four solutions that help real estate and facility managers cut costs while ensuring sustainability – is a new, environmentally-focused addition to Planon’s offering.

Founded in the Netherlands in 1984, Planon has worked to achieve a single overriding mission: to solve customers’ business challenges with world-class software applications and expert business advice.

With a network of offices in Europe and the United States, Planon has established itself as a key worldwide provider of FM and real estate software solutions for a spectrum of industry sectors including banking, education, manufacturing, IT and the public sector. More than 1,300 organisations around the world use Planon’s software solutions and business services

Scalable solutions
The solutions offered by Planon are suitable for anyone, from major service providers through to SMEs, and everything in between. Planon provides tailored software solutions suited to any company requirements, allowing customers to purchase as few or as many of the company’s range of management solutions. As the end user’s company grows and objectives change, further solution elements can be purchased for a truly scaleable solution.

This flexibility permeates Planon’s entire organisation – it is our objective to craft solutions to fit the needs of our customers who are looking to create a smart workplace that revolutionises the way that they manage corporate real estate. At a time when sustainability is under intense scrutiny and wastefulness and neglect can destroy corporate reputations, Planon’s solutions offer real estate executives a tool by which to manage expenditure and align with organisational goals while ensuring the sustainability of their facilities. Planon helps customers in complying with legislation and allows them to put processes in place that drive innovation and achieve real results within their organisational environment.

New technology
Planon is proud to announce that 2010 will see the release of a new and enhanced software suite, including our Green Intelligence module and a range of Mobile Solutions.
• The new Green Intelligence module allowing facility and corporate real estate executives to monitor and act upon energy measurements with pinpoint accuracy.
• Our range of Mobile Solutions , includes both Online and Synchronised solutions based on a variety of mobile computing devices and designed to enable remote working for employees across the broad range of IWMS disciplines.

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