Plant Based Whole Food 4 U was started to bring attention to the benefits of incorporating more plant based whole foods into a healthy or not so healthy lifestyle.  We came across a wonderful company called WholeFood Farmacy and its products.  We love the philosophy of this company, the products they create and promote.  We wanted to share their message and great food products on this blog.

Eating food that comes from planet earth, that are also fast, convenient and easy to have in your home for you and your family makes this a wonderful chance to really know that plant based food can be the right choice to better health.  Our world moves so rapidly that we often miss how important it is to care for ourselves and our family.  It certainly helps to have good products that make life convenient yet are good for us too!

This site will not only serve as a product information site it will also serve as a resource for how whole food plant based nutrition can help heal most dis-eases that affect the body.  So, stay tuned for more great posts that contain helpful information that is sure to benefit you and your family.