John Dugan has made a career of bringing the most accomplished talent to the top 100 custom and proprietary plastics companies for over 30 years. Over all plastics continuity is 39 years. These positions are key executives in Plastics, Polymers, and Structured Parts from Injection Molding, Compounding, Extrusions et al, and functional assignments in Commercial New Business Development, General Management Engineering and R&D regardless of location. Our searches are always specific to client stated needs such as Medical Device ISO 13485, Automotive's resurgence, Building and Construction, Business Machines whether Flexible or Rigid Processing.

I can do for you what I have done for the top Fortune 500 or medium sized producers over the years and others. That is bring key specific impact player talent to your company.

I want the opportunity to guarantee this talent for your strategic plans and fortify technology development keeping pace with the industry.

We are currently tracking passive candidates (not received by advertising or on line) for the following dynamics;  Key impact player sales and marketing to dedicated markets and locations, market development/application development engineers (field based) and others to sophisticated clients. I am hired to bring the key impact players to my client’s stated needs guaranteeing their employment for a full year. The placement is guaranteed as well. The fee rate is at or below any competitive rate you may have. If not I’ll make it that way.