Play Doktor combines the knowledge and experience of health professionals and children to improve the overall patient experience at hospitals and clinics.
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Doktor Universe combines the knowledge and experience of health professionals to encourage physical activity and teach children in a funny way about healthy habits.

Finally an application to compilling games in 3D or Augmented Reality to entertain, teach and encourage movement among children.

The current version of the game contains the following games:

Quench your thirst:
A football game where you choose to quench your thirst with water or soda. What´s the best choice?

Beautiful teeth
Fie the rabbit helps you take care of your teeth, brush them and make them look beautiful.

Goodbye Paci
Time to let the tree take care of your pacifier and let your teeth grow healthy.

Tooth race
Wash all teeth, systematically and make your car go faster to win the race.

Time to get moving. Activate the Augmented Reality feature, run quickly and take all the diamonds and bones Tubi helps you dig out.

Fies Adventure (Coming soon)
Fie is looking for new adventures and relics. Follow her in Augmented Reality and visit Egypt, The Mayan ruins and much more while you move around and stay active.

Doktor Martin´s body (Coming soon)
Learn about your brain, lungs, your heart and much more while you help Doktor Martin find all his body parts.

All games have been developed together with health professionals. Enjoy the games, have fun and stay healthy.