plumbingandlightingfixtures.com is a family owned internet eCommerce site offering personalized internet sales and service of over 18000+ plumbing and lighting fixtures. Plumbingandlightingfixtures.com is owned and operated by:

Plumbingandlightingfixtures.com LLC
361 Beech Ridge Rd
North Berwick, ME 03906
Phone: 866-376-9851
Fax: 775-806-8623

    At PLFixtures our goal can be summed up by our saying that: "We strive to give brick & mortar service through our internet site."
   We are not a huge corporate enterprise like so many e Commerce establishments have turned into. I guess the best way to describe us, is the mom & pop business on Main Street. Believe it or not, when you contact us for help you will generally get the same person every time, which helps eliminate confusion if further contact is needed.
    The owners of Plumbingandlightingfixtures.com LLC have been in the internet sales business since 1995, and so from experience, we know what people expect from their online companies! We take pride in offering the same fast and dependable service that we expect when we purchase anything over the internet ourselves, or in a brick and mortar establishment.
    We also have over 20 years experience in the plumbing and lighting industry. Our life experience also includes contracting and general contracting in the new housing industry.

What we sell:

•We sell plumbing and lighting fixtures by major manufactures.
•All fixtures are brand new, regular production and ship from the maufacturers' warehouses or from their distributors' warehouse, eliminating middle men.
•All products are covered by their manufactures warranties.
•All of our products ship from either New Jersey, Las Vegas NV, Baton Rouge LA, or Hagerstown MD, and maufacturer's warehouses in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Wisconsin, California, and Alabama among others.
•Your order items will ship from the closest location to you where it is in stock.

What we DO NOT sell:

•We do not sell used products of any type.
•We do not sell factory rejects or seconds.
•We do not sell products that are "made special for us". All products we sell are regular production products.
•Items priced $0.00 or other obvious database errors.

We are dealers for:

•Belle Foret
•Elizabethan Classics
•Rab Lighting
•Sea Gull Lighting
•World Imports Lighting
•Kichler Lighting