Ploiter is an all-in-one cloud-based software system for running a business, incorporating and encompasses all aspects of traditional customer lead management, invoicing, payments and accounts, inventory, employee management, order handling, warehousing, customer care tools and sales reporting. Upper management have a direct overview of the business cycle, due to each process being integrated and seamless to the next one, i.e. from customer leads -> quoting -> invoicing -> dispatch -> customer feedback.

Traditionally the larger companies with the budget could develop a bespoke in-house platform that could run all their systems on, or used adaptions such as SAGE, Asana, Sales Force, with some in-house spreadsheets, that only address a certain aspect of the business, i.e. accounts, CRM, HR, etc.

Ploiter was created to prevent anything 'falling through the cracks' during the running of the business and removing the administrative burden away from business owners and managers, so that they can focus on what's important for their company, such as sales, growing their customer base, etc.

The previous version of Ploiter is a proven and reliable platform that has a track record of being in operation for over four years, before Ploiter was launched publicly in January 2017. This has been adapted and continuously improved with additions. Each addition we use as a 'press release' to draw attention in our marketing campaign.