Plotaverse houses both, a professional image animation software and social media platform. The suite of dynamic apps is available for desktop and in a lite version for iOS and Android at plotaverseapps.com. The Plotaverse animtaion apps allow users to easily add motion to any single, still image. The loops are created from a photo, illustration or painting that is animated using proprietary algorithms creating an endlessly looping video. Unlike cinemagraphs, "Plotagraphs" do not require video, multiple photos or graphic expertise to be created. "Plotagraphs" can be exported in a variety of formats to be posted on any domain or social media platform. Plotaverse is the evolution of Art and Photography. This state of the art app suite pushes the future of dynamic looping content.

The Plotagraph animation technique was created by Troy Christopher Plota in 2009. Plotaverse is a family-owned software company that founded by partners Troy Christopher Plota and Sascha Phoenix, launching their paid beta on 4th of July, 2016. Plotaverse officially launched in October, 2016 at the Photo Plus Expo in New York. "We created Plotaverse to help consumers animate their own photos in a fun and easy way, bringing their images and memories back to life" stated Troy Christopher Plota and Sascha Phoenix.

The Plotaverse suite of dynamic apps is the perfect tool for businesses and individuals to share their stories on Instagram and Facebook. The unique motion promotes any pictured content with the ability to draw attention in saturated media feeds, instantly doubling visibility and engagement.