Plumbr tool saves Java developers and application owners stress and time by helping them prevent memory leaks.

Normally, if you have a memory leak in your Java application, the app becomes slower and slower, until it finally crashes with an "OutOfMemoryError". A restart helps temporarily, but then the slowing process continues.

Plumbr detects such leaks in Java applications well before these affect the end user experience, and gives precise instructions on how to solve the problems.

It is unique in the world for two aspects:
1) it is able to spot and validate the leak before it affects application performance at all (most other conventional tools require you to restart the app a few times in the process of hunting the leak).
2) when the leak is found, Plumbr reports all the info a Java developer needs to decide on how to resolve the leak. No other debugging/hunting is needed besides taking a look at the Plumbr leak report.