The concept originated in January of 2006 to address the negative impact society has had on women’s self esteem globally. Research has shown that the average woman suffers from a lack of self esteem on multiple levels. Beauty surrounds us on a daily basis; sadly much of it is unrealized, most notably on a personal level. A woman who feels good about herself feels empowered. Empowered individuals empower society.

you    +    self esteem    =    empowered

By assisting PlumbTalk guests in exploring 10 key LifeStyle principles, it is the goal of the company to significantly enhance self esteem globally. We are acutely aware that women nationwide are suffering. Morale and self esteem in many cases, are at an all time low. PlumbTalk was designed with the intention to give women a voice. It is straight talk, with no fuss.

We envision a new era on the horizon; an era where individuals are empowered by a heightened level of self esteem.

This new era will be fueled directly by the passion put forth by you, the PlumbTalk Woman.