The pendulum and the pits

Whether you're in the real estate market to buy or sell, there's no denying it's not business as usual. In fact - lately it's the pits. Mortgages are harder to come by and property values are unstable.

Fortunately, a sweet, idea has ripened at precisely the right time. It's called PlumPads™.

PlumPads is the connector, the putter-together-er of owners and renters. We are experts at matching hungry renters with premium properties that are ripe for renting. We're right there in the middle, like the natural fruit filling in your strudel.

Tenants and owners say - two purple thumbs up!

How does PlumPads do it? We work with developers, landlords, banks, even individual property owners, who may not be able to sell in this slower market. And put them together with qualified leasing prospects.

PlumPads is no ordinary off-the-tree rental service. We specialized in developer representation - in fact we've been real estate sales, marketing, development and management for over 12 years. See? We're not some plum-come-lately who doesn't know whether to prune a pear tree or pare a prune tree. We know how to find qualified renters and present them with desirable luxury properties to pick from.

Plum properties, ripe for picking

PlumPads is a professional, dedicated real estate firm with the know-how and ability to list, market and fill rental properties, then manage the relationship between tenant and landlord.

So whether you're in a jam because you own property and can't sell it, or want property and can't buy it, pick PlumPads. It's one sweet solution!

To learn more about PlumPads, or to speak to one of our cool-as-a-plum representatives, call 1-877-571-8530.