We support and kick-start your business expansion in Japan and China through our personalized business development and market access services. We take care of your on-location operational tasks, provide you with market intelligence and connect you to the right people.

+ Prepare your market entry in Japan (setup advice, market reconnaissance).
+ Get you the right market intelligence or point you to the right resources.
+ Find ways to sell/brand your products in Japan.
+ Find the best services/products for your company.
+ Source the right staff in a competitive labor environment.
+ Take care of your on-location tasks and instant representation.
+ Train your staff on country specifics (seminars or coaching).
+ Explore investment opportunities.
+ Support your real estate needs for business, private or investment.
+ Streamline your current operation.
+ Make use of our operational restructuring experience.


PlusConcept (Asia) Ltd. has been created out of the need for hands-on operational support and cost efficient services for small and mid-sized business and individuals who wish to expand or invest into Asia - in particular Japan and China. Our focus is on simply getting your job done.
Keeping things simple and straightforward for you is our prerogative.

Trust and loyalty are key ingredients of our success - so is our solid and proven network.

We do have the highest quality expectations first of all towards ourselves, our teams, staff and management. The same goes for our partners, who have been for many years active in the relevant product lines in the markets. The quality expectation towards our traded products goes without saying.


Consider us part of your team! When you work with us, you will notice the simplicity of getting your job done. We take pride in true professional services, and our working relationship is personal. You can trust our unbiased advice and independent execution of your needs in the markets. We do not overcomplicate issues, but offer you the most straightforward solutions for you to set foot in Japan and China. Our on the ground presence, deep understanding of local markets and business will give you the maximum return for simple inquiries and short visits.
Our extensive network in the markets provides you with quality choices.
We understand your need for information and guidance in unfamiliar territories, therefore we are open and approachable for providing support for all issues and inquiries you might have. Please feel free to get in touch.