PMEA is a Leader Brand for Led Lighting, Cleanroom Partition Panel, Furniture, Laboratory Furniture, Switchboard Components, Automobile Parts & Solar Industry. Since its Inception, PMEA has been Creating Innovative Solutions for Widest Sectors and Industries. With a Core Vision to Growth and Expertized in the Sectors, PMEA has been Creating Landmarks in various Verticals.

PMEA has been a Premiere Name for LED Lighting, Cleanroom Partition Panel, Laboratory Furniture, General Furniture, Switchboard Components & Various Sectors, with Fully Vertical Setup for End to End Production. With Specialization in Manufacturing, Installation and Export to Various Worldwide Entities, PMEA has been a Preferred Brand with Quality Focused Offering.

Serving Various Industries and Sectors Including Retail, Pharmaceutical, Medical Sector, Architectural Sector, Government Sector etc in Order to Offer Complete Solutions in Lighting Manufacturing & Installation, Cleanroom Manufacturing & Installation, Laboratory Furniture Consultancy, Installation & Manufacturing etc.

A State of an Art Facility Dedicated to Manufacturing Widest Products in Bulk Quantity has given PMEA an Edge Over Competitors. A Highly Technical Team Dedicated to Provided Any Shape to Metal has been Our Expertized for More then Decades.