About DrMop:
Drmop has been developing games and gaming technology for over 20 years and is the author of the AppEasy Core SDK (a free open source game developer SDK that is built on Marmalade SDK technology), Drmop is also the author of the Goji Editor and the drmop.com mobile game and app development blog.

About AppEasy Core SDK:
The AppEasy Core SDK is a piece of middleware that sits on to of the Marmalade SDK and provides an easy to use and understand 2D / 2.5D game engine driven by XOML mark-up and C++ and / or Lua. The core is open source and available under the MIT license at https://github.com/mrmop/AppEasyCoreSDK

About Goji Editor:
Goji Editor is a complete game IDE with support for WYSIWYG game editing, code editing and instant test / debug. The Goji Editor's primary focus is on helping to make games and apps easier and quicker for developers to create and test. The Goji Editor is currently free to use and exports to Marmalade Quick, AppEasy, Corona, Gideros, XML and JSON formats. You can find out more at
the Goji Editor web site at http://www.gojieditor.com/.