Pocket Gurus is a personal coaching consulting company rapidly positioning itself among the greats.

Pocket Gurus is an online consultation company that connects its clients with stylists, make-up artists, and decor gurus from around the world through one-on-one, online, real-time consultations.

The company  firmly believes that their gurus will help each individual create and achieve the brand that they want to portray to the world. Each session is done via Skype and lasts for 25 minutes.

The benefits of having Gurus in different countries is that clients book a session whenever it is convenient for them from the comfort of their own home, at the office or even whilst shopping. Clients feel incredibly at ease because there is no invasion of privacy. It is like having all the benefits of hiring a professional without having them in your personal space.

The big pluses of having a one-on-one real time appointment with any of their professionals:

Access to four different services (online fashion styling; online personal makeup; decor and professional organization).

This is a unique, bespoke experience for each client because they have the chance to connect with an actual person that is able to assess the client and answer any question in real time.

Pocketgurus.guru is the the future of all things related to fashion, beauty and home.