Get Authentic Engagement with a Podiim Challenge!

Podiim is the first healthy lifestyle app that lets Brands engage with consumers by sponsoring fun daily challenges. Brands award points to consumers when they complete challenges. People can also challenge and reward their friends. Rewards points may be redeemed for gift cards or shared.

As interest in health and wellness soars, consumers are learning how food, exercise and mindfulness are key to well-being. This creates an extraordinary opportunity for brands to enhance relationships with consumers by inspiring them to get out and get healthy..
Engaging people in authentic experiences is a great way to build real customer loyalty, Until now, this kind of personal marketing was expensive, hard to achieve and difficult to measure. Enter Podiim!

Here are the benefits to brands:
-Engage consumers while they’re taking action related to your brand.
-Generate great social media stories.
-Reward only people who complete the challenge, a 100% ROI.
-Post-challenge lead generation.
- Enhance your brand image.

Brands can go to www.achallengeaday.com to start the challenge process.