When we started Point3 Security, Inc. it wasn’t to dismantle a nation. It was to protect it; to better it. Our purpose was clear: raise the standards currently in place by our government, corporations, universities, high-schools and communities when teaching the most sought after computer skill-set in the world: cybersecurity and defense. We launched to establish a social-footprint where red-tape discourages foot traffic - helping through sharing and teaching our skill-set to those whose identity is smeared with bias.

We didn’t approach the government sector to drop off a report outlining problems we defined (as former employees). Instead, we designed the solution, delivered it, and were invited to the Pentagon to prove it. And prove it we did.

What was validated by the most advanced intelligence and defense agency leaders and personnel in the world, we’ve now made available to the public: Odile™| our shield. Escalate™ | our sword.