Consumer’s appetite for up to the minute information on everything from news and travel to fashion and entertainment is increasing. They are no longer happy to wait for you to give them information at your convenience; they want to take it at theirs, and from a variety of platforms.

To meet this demand we have developed window.i, a completely new approach to delivering self-service information and digital signage

What does it do?

Window.i allows consumers to choose the information they want to view and access it from outside your shop or office window, providing a secure and effective way to provide information when you’re not there.

The window.i touch-sensitive panel is mounted securely behind the window and works through the glass. People can use the buttons to browse content on a screen. Choose or create the content that you want to display from a selection of publicity images, or let consumers flick through or display full information about your company’s products or services from a variety of menus.  With window.i, you can even sell advertising space on your screen or receive feeds directly from Sky News, Sport or Weather.

How does it work?

Window.i is easy to use and has intelligent technology built in. It uses new-generation, touch sensitive, low energy panels that work effectively through virtually any type of glass, even double glazing.

The panels are extremely robust, durable and reliable as they have no moving parts, and are resistant to moisture, vibration and sunlight. Each button is 50mm x 50mm and is backlit with LEDs which makes them very easy to see and use. The layout of the touchpad is intuitive, so window.i is accessible to everyone – even those who are not keyboard literate.


What’s available?

Window.i is a totally customisable digital signage solution that allows you to pick and choose the features you want to create the perfect system for your business or organisation.

Touch sensitive panels: A choice of touch-sensitive, backlit panels that work through glass. Choose the number of touch panel buttons you need and add your own branding to
create your own bespoke digital signage solution.

Screens: A selection of high-bright screens in different sizes specifically designed to be seen clearly in daylight, even in bright sunlight. You can also choose an optional built-in PC for a more streamlined display. We can source a wide range of different mounting solutions, including ceiling poles and free standing floor mounts.

Content management: Use our simple content management system to input text and images, or even import content directly from other programs. You can then choose how it is displayed – using our new page turning feature, for example – or we can design bespoke navigation and data feeds that suit your needs. The reporting feature in window.i shows you how many consumers have accessed your information and at what time, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your promotions.