Poke Trainer, IOS App provides Pokemon Go trainers with a new way of making friends, discovering teammates, and developing connections.

Poke Trainer, a location-based companion app connects Pokemon Go players by team (Mystic, Instinct, Valor), their level of play (casual, semi-pro, die hard), and how they want to hunt (with another trainer or group). Trainers can swipe right to match those nearby looking to ‘meet em all’.

Once a match is made the trainers can chat and decide if they want to go adventure with a new friend. Trainers are encouraged turn on the ‘Poke Health’ feature while playing as it tracks and logs mileage, calories burned, and time played. There is a minor bump in rating for compatibility if Poke Health is used frequently to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Those living in popular Pokemon Go cities have an added group chat feature at their disposable to make public posts.