Saving the World – one shopping bag at a time TM

Polar Bear is evolving to transform how the world shops.  We connect to customers who are environmentally conscious, and who in their daily efforts will save the world by using less plastic without having to bear a high or inconvenient price.

Our logistics offers products that the customers want.  E.g., Exclusive designs, Machine washable, biodegradable fabric protection utilizing nanotechnology in a range of price points.  For the corporate market, the product is customized to their requirements.

Polar Bear’s mobile application will allow one to post pictures as a Polar Bear hero with biodegradable bags and earn rewards, by carbon footprints saved.  (Late Summer Release).

Polar Bear International is a global company with headquarters in the USA and a support center in India.  Polar Bear is an IBM Global Entrepreneur. The Founder, Sandra Riedel is a graduate of the Founder Institute Hyderabad, India Chapter.  Shiva Balivada is the Co-Founder and is popularly called “Father of Nanotechnology Applications in India”.  Poonam Wadhi is a Director of the India Company and the Global Design Head.