Polaris is focused on working with companies to accelerate their entry into full production of advanced batteries resulting in a huge impact on the performance of everything from cars to smart phones, grid storage systems, and emerging wearable devices. Polaris provides laboratory scale prototyping services for companies with new lithium ion battery technologies and facilitates making product samples. They also assist with full commercialization via global manufacturing partners which include cell assemblers, pack developers, toll coating services and testing labs. Polaris offers services to OEM product companies that want to take a more active role in identifying and nurturing better performing batteries for their products as well. “The ultimate way to differentiate your product is with a better battery. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to find and develop these new technologies in an efficient way”, says. Morris. “Since opening our facility in May of 2013 we have established ourselves as a significant resource for the rechargeable battery industry. Our clients include Universities, National Labs, material developers, battery startup’s and leading OEM’s all interested in accelerating the use of next generation battery advances in consumer and industrial products said Morris”.