Polaris Marketing Research offers a full range of marketing research services in a wide variety of research categories and industries. Our core competencies are in five market research specialties.

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty:
We specialize in helping companies with customer satisfaction measurement by developing and deploying a finely tuned customer satisfaction questionnaire. We offer state-of-the-art interviewing and data collection, and on-site project management.

Polaris is experienced in creating a transaction-based customer service tracking program or a periodic relationship survey to take the pulse of the customer. We are experienced in developing and executing surveys with prospective, competitive, new and current customers. Polaris can help you create or revise a high-quality baseline and tracking program optimized for performance improvement. We realize organizations communicate in different ways and we will work closely with you in developing user-friendly reports that get used.

Brand Research & Consulting:
Brands play a critical role in purchase decision-making. They are the customer-facing expression of your business strategy. So why do so many companies know so little about their brands? Whether you are just starting to define your brand or whether you have an established brand that you are managing, accurately and timely information is available through brand research.

Polaris' branding research concentrates in six key areas to give you the critical information you need to manage your brand: creating a new brand strategy; understanding how far your brand can stretch; brand architecture; brand management; revitalizing brands and brand positioning.

New Product or Service Research:
The failure rate of new product introductions is very high. Some estimates are that less than 20% of new products succeed! In order to increase your chances of new product success, turn to Polaris. Our experience in marketing research for identifying, developing and launching new products is second to none. Using both qualitative and quantitative research, we can help you identify customer dissatisfaction and unmet needs, generate and screen new product concepts, evaluate market feasibility (demand and value), identify compelling marketing benefits and messages, and track introduction, awareness and trial. Introducing new products without marketing research is like driving without directions - much too risky! Let Polaris Marketing Research help you navigate your way to successful product introduction.

Employee Research:
A company's employees are often the face and frontline of an organization and their opinion of that organization impacts their attitude, thus affecting customers' attitudes, behavior and ultimately, the bottom line. Employee research also can be a very important component of a comprehensive customer satisfaction and retention program in that motivated front-line employees are the best source for identifying internal obstacles impacting their delivery of exceptional customer service.

Polaris' employee research allows employers to understand what motivates employees, drives loyalty, and makes and keeps employees happy. Benefits include increased productivity and less turnover. Our research is often customized to gather impressions of how aligned a company is with their mission statement and/or brand position. An added benefit of conducting employee satisfaction research is that, in doing so, a company lets their employees know they are important, their opinions and suggestions matter, and there is a sincere desire to make the company an enjoyable place to work.

Customer Retention & Win-back Research:
Polaris retention survey programs will uncover what is causing customer defection. And with this knowledge, you can take intelligent steps towards improving your current customers' experience and thereby increase your overall customer retention rate. In the current business environment, customer retention has never been so important to an organization's health. Recent research has shown that lost customers will simply stop using your product or service without telling you why, and that lost customers are many times more likely than happy customers to share their bad experiences with friends and colleagues. With so much at stake, it's critical to gather data regarding the reasons for customer churn to prevent the loss in the first place. Also, it would be very valuable to learn what it would take to get them back (win-back research).

Other Areas of Expertise
In addition to our market research specialities, Polaris is well experienced in conducting many different types of marketing research, including all types of Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer research studies, advertising effectiveness, attitude & testing, marketing effectiveness, market segmentation, positioning and more.