In Your Community…
Free educational seminars for Policyholders to educate and raise awareness of consumer rights related to property damage insurance claims.

At the Texas Capital....
We advocate for legislation that increases consumer protection.

In The Industry...
We offer industry education for contractors, adjusters and other professionals relating to the business of property damage insurance claims.

Claim handling practices, consumer rights, insurance code, and directory of professionals.

PA was founded in 2015 by Scott Friedson, a consumer advocate and public insurance adjuster.  

The need for a consumer advocate to help insured Policyholders dealing with property damage insurance claims has reached crisis levels.  In the aftermath of any Texas disaster, far too many policyholders find themselves struggling with understanding the insurance claim process.   Home and business owners face many challenges.  Recovery after any disaster can be challenging for anyone.  Rebuilding starts with knowing your rights.  

We help folks understand the different roles, boundaries, characteristics and best practices between good and bad faith insurance claim handling practices.  Our goal is to raise public awareness of the insurance claim process including how to qualify vendors, public adjusters, lawyers and others who could make or break your recovery.  

Adding to the consumers struggle is the fact that not all states license roofing or general contractors.  One of PA's goals is unite like minded professionals to legitimately perform and understand best practices in the roles and boundaries in which licensed agents and vendors can act under current Texas laws.  Insurance carriers and adjusting firms handle claims daily.   We're here to help policyholders receive the fair and prompt settlement they deserve.

Insurance companies constantly attempt to pass significant legislative reform measures to address the abusive attempts to strip policyholders of their rights under the insurance code statutes related to bad faith penalties but they tried hard.

Policyholder Advocates mission is to Protect The Insured

We Are For...

Strengthening policyholder consumer protection as it relates to the handling of commercial and residential property insurance claims and coverages.
Educating consumers for their rights and remedies in order to fairly and promptly settle insurance claims.
Educating professionals of their respective roles and boundaries in order to best assist policyholders.
Reduction of unnecessary litigation.
Improved coverage and lower deductibles.
Prompt and fair claim handling practices.
Recovery of expenses Policyholders incur for licensed professionals and appraisals.
Licensing of  Roofers and Contractors

We Are Against...

Bad faith insurance claim handling practices.
Unnecessary insurance claim litigation.
Underpayments, unnecessary delays and wrongful denial of legitimate insurance claims.
Confusing, unclear, omissions, exclusions, myths, and those who make any attempt to take advantage of a Texas policyholder.

PA is engaged in two main activities: (1) educational efforts and (2) conferences and public policy development to benefit insurance policyholders.