PollBob lets users create + take + discover + share polls in real time and on-the-go.  We make it really easy to find out what people think on any topic or issue.  

There are three ways we are different from other polling sites out there:

Built in Community - we have a built in community of people that are ready to answer your polls.

Mobile – we have mobile applications that allow people to give and receive opinions in real-time with geo-location context.

Gaming – We have taken the concept of polling and turned it into a game.  So as the user takes action on the site, they gain points, level up, and unlock rewards within the site.  Users can earn virtual items, badges, and special deals from our sponsor partners.

Social – PollBob is a social network. We allow users in import their existing social networks from facebook and twitter to build their social graph.  As each user shares their polls and opinions with friends, we begin to build out the next layer of the social graph – what we are calling the interest graph.  By collecting all this information from our users, we are turning dumb data into actionable intelligence.

Finally, we also provide a targeted and affordable way for small businesses to conduct market research on-the-go and generate conclusive opinions in real-time.  PollBob is a do-it-yourself platform for collecting targeted insights, delivering rewards, and building loyalty.