Bringing 40 years' experience and cutting-edge polygraph hardware and software, Thailand Polygraph Association is the ONLY lie-detector service in ASEAN region, so seeks to solve more problems by providing its unique service to organizations and individuals in Thailand, the 4 bordering nations and Singapore and Vietnam.

Bangkok, Thailand. With his passion for distilling truth from fiction, Chief Analyst at Thailand Polygraph Association Mr. Gady King announced May 14th that May 23rd of this year would mark the start of a 6-nation effort to bring the scientific and financial benefits of applied polygraph exams to the awareness of Thailand's corporate and legal communities as fast as possible.

"When the question is 'True? or False?', our polygraph exams are 98% accurate, and today's computerized polygraphs provide the records to confirm this. Why only 98%?' he asks, 'because 2% of any given population is either sociopath or psychopath, so with these exceptions, Thailand Polygraph Association proudly brings clarity, accuracy and confidence to many difficult problems of trust."

Mr King notes that the polygraph has proven its efficacy in pre-employment screenings that filter out people who have hidden agendas that could hurt the employing company; proven effectiveness in resolving 'he-said, she-said' confrontations; quickly and almost infallibly showing large numbers of staff to be HONEST while revealing the one (or two) which were actively involved in corporate or organizational problems.

"Polygraph exams have exonerated innocent people accused of crimes they didn't do, and caught the lies of people who tried to protest their innocence, even when their conscience and subconscious KNEW they were guilty,' Mr King continued. 'With 40 years of administering these exams, the times when a liar has gotten missed or the truth was overlooked are so very few out of the thousands of people tested, they are virtually non-existent these days.'

Dr Hooper, Technical Analyst at Thailand Polygraph Association, explains that, "Although many people today have heard of or seen a polygraph exam dramatically depicted in the films and depictions of crimes, detectives and lawyers over the past 4 decades, very few people know that the continual refinement of both the hardware and the questioning techniques have brought today's polygraph exam about as near to infallible as it will ever be."

Continuing, Dr Hooper warmed to his theme, stating "Examinees are notified ahead of the exam, that use of various prescription drugs or alcohol will yield a 'FAIL' for that examinee. Yes, there are some people today who think they can 'beat the machine', but the NEVER to, as the 6 physiological responses being monitored are theoretically controllable by some meditating guru with 30 years of practice in Tibet, but these gurus NEVER get involved in crimes," he added with a wry chuckle.

To show the expanding need today for occasional (or frequent) polygraph exams for a few (or ALL) staff, managers and partners, Dr Hooper pointed out the serious financial burden of disloyal or disgruntled employees; the high cost of distrust between directors on a Board of Directors; the HUGE cost of pilferage, theft, arson, corporate sabotage, corporate espionage and theft of corporate secrets, all of which can be stopped or remedied with timely, judicious applications of a simple one-hour polygraph exam.

In summary, an ounce of polygraph prevention is worth more than TONS of cure AFTER the airplane is hijacked, AFTER the container load or 12-wheeler is driven away by an untrustworthy employee; a ship full of cargo is deliberately taken to pirates; or insurance must pay off on unverified policies, so Thailand Polygraph Association is taking this message out to people who can benefit from the exam.