Polymita, a world leader in BPMS, provides organizations with software and process-based solutions that provide them with unified management of people, processes and contents for improved productivity, visibility into business activities and agile decision making. Our clients turn into agile organizations, accelerating revenue generation and reducing operational costs. Polymita has customers or partners in more than 80 countries.

Polymita serves leading public and private organisations in different sectors and countries:
*Governments such as the European Union, Government of Spain, Government of Ecuador, Government of Catalonia, Government of Madrid, Barcelona City Council;
* Major public organisations such as General Counsel of Notaries of Spain and Notary Certification Agency (ANCERT) in collaboration with Central Bank of Spain and Spain's Tax Agency, JACIE, PROMUSA; Fira de Barcelona;
*Major Industry and Service firms such as PEMEX, Indra (IBEX 35: IDR), BBVA (IBEX 35: BBVA), CAN, Pastas Gallo, SGAE, Lladró, Euromadi, Ono, GAMO, Plastigaur;
*Major Hospitals such as Maastrich Hospital, Clínic Hospital or Vall d’ Hebron Hospital;
*Major Pharma and Healthcare firms such as Grifols (IBEX 35: GRF) or Vital Dent;
*Major Universities such as La Salle, ESADE, UPM or CEU