Polyzen’s mission is to transform our customer’s ideas into innovative solutions, which in turn, becomes our passion.  We are passionate about…

-  Accelerating ideas into innovative solutions with a strong sense of urgency
-  Delivering high quality products and sustainable processes with attention to detail
-  Providing exceptional service, creating value and making a difference for our customers

Polyzen was founded over 20 years ago on a revolutionary idea of being a turn-key solution for the medical device industry.  This idea was conceived after several major medical device companies approached our founder, due to his prominence within the medical polymer technology, to help them provide a solution to their novel product idea or processing challenge.  From those early beginnings, Polyzen has transformed itself by providing specialty products and services that add significant value to our global customer base.

Benefits of working with Polyzen
Unparalleled Expertise
Because of our extensive experience in the medical device industry and strong technical insights, we understand the functional requirements of your device. We execute the best combination of design, material selection and process to your product and we deliver successfully assuring your complete satisfaction.

Speed to Market
We know how important being first to market is and as a single source solution provider, Polyzen intently focuses on your project with resources tailored to your needs.  Our expertise, versatility and operating efficiencies translate to faster turnaround time.  

Cost Effective
Whether you’re looking to outsource some of your product development or wanting to avoid investing in establishing manufacturing capabilities, Polyzen’s nimble culture can help you manage both your budget and timeline.  Using our resources only when you need them, reduces the overhead associated with hiring or assigning full-time employees.  It also reduces the dollars lost by taking your valuable personnel away from their day-to-day tasks to solve problems for which they may not have the innate experience.  

-  32,000 square feet facility
-  Class 10,000 Clean Room Production Area  
-  Controlled Manufacturing Environments for Plastic Melt Process and Warehouse Area
-  Fully Equipped Machine Shop for prototype tooling and maintenance
-  ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certified

Industry Leader
- Renowned expertise in polyurethane formulations and plastic processing
- Expertise in Dip molding of Urethane, Silicone and Other Polymer Formulations
- Leading developer and producer of Non-latex Low Pressure/Compliant Balloons
- Pioneer and Leader in Multilayer Urethane Balloon Technology
- Proprietary Balloon Process for over high body to neck ratio
- Proprietary Urethane Barrier Film Manufacturer
- Special expertise in producing Small Diameter Urethane/Non-urethane Lay Flat
- Sheeth/Tubing
- Highly proficient in thin Film Welding - RF/Impulse Welding
- Protective Coatings Over Stents, Wire Cages, Sensors, etc.
- Extrusion-Film, Specialty Tubing
- High pressure balloon blowing
- Catheter fabrication and Device assembly

Polyzen has historically leveraged its core technology and expertise in polymer science and processing to provide responsive, cost effective development and contract manufacturing services for many of the major medical device OEM companies. Polyzen prides itself by serving its customers via four primary disciplines:

- Product Design, Development, Optimization and Concept Prototyping
- Material Science Expertise and Custom Polymer Formulation  
- Polymer Processing Expertise and Custom Process Development
- Contract Manufacturing / Assembly

By using these four areas as platform, Polyzen works closely with its customers to understand their technical and functional requirements of the product. We then recommend a solution and deliver an unparalleled custom designed critical component or fully assembled balloon catheter and other device.

Collectively serving the medical device industry for over 100 years, aided with an extensive portfolio of patents and know how, Polyzen has also developed specific expertise in Thermoforming, Thin Film RF / Heat Welding, Dip Molding / Coating, Blow Molding, Compounding, Film Extrusions, LF Tubing and Device Assembly.

We welcome an opportunity to accelerate your innovative idea to the market!