Specializing in resurfacing stained ugly pools both residential and commercial since 1993.  All Phase Pool Remodeling Inc is a central Florida company with A+ ratings. Licensed CPC1457245 and insured.

Most companies will sell you resurfacing for your pools and spas and then simply go to a subcontractor list and call whoever might be available to send to your home.  These are hardly ever properly trained individuals, and most have only the desire for a quick paycheck.  The quality of your job is not there concern, they simply want to get your job done quickly and go sub out their time to any one else that calls them, typically doing landscaping, painting, and other handyman services.
THIS IS NOT how you want you hard earned money spent.

Call us and we will properly resurface your pool and spa so that you can enjoy its new beauty for many many years to come.

Pool & Spa Services of Central Fla, LLC specializes in refinishing your stained ugly pool decks, and driveways as well as doing what is referred to as "PERMANENT CRACK REPAIR" we do not simply put a filler in the cracks and repaint only to have them repair in a very short time.  We use a unique process called "concrete stitching" will permanently holds the concrete in place so that it does not open up again, then we properly finish so that you have a beautiful looking pool deck and or driveway for many years to come.

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