Popcalls started distributing a free worldwide calling service by rewarding their mobile video ad viewers with free worldwide calling credits. Paid video ads are pushed to the POPCALLS iOS/android app. Each video comes with 10 to 15 minutes calling services to even landlines and mobiles.

Popcalls send out 3 to 5 paid video ads to the mobile homescreens of it's downloaders. Allready in the first week POPCALLS recorded a blasting 25K users with 67% viewing rates and over 7000 calls made worldwide.

Because of the early succes Popcalls is now planning on providing free internet data packages too over the next months and will even incorporate a POPCALLS shop in which exclusive offers will be available to be bought with the built viewing credits.

The mission of POPCALLS is simple and revolutionary at the same time. Finally viewers are rewarded with attractive free telecom services for spending precious time to a brand.