Creating your Pop On Veneers starts with the impressions you send back to our FDA registered laboratory in the heart of NYC. Our team carefully disinfects the impressions and our master technicians inspects the impressions to ensure all the anatomy is captured in the impression to make Pop On Veneers fit perfectly.

Using the models of your existing teeth, our in house digital design team sketches initial designs for your smile with natural looking details, using cutting edge technology in 3D modeling software. Once your smile design gets the go ahead for production, the meticulous production process begins.

We use only the best materials to craft Pop On Veneers- a biocompatible, stain resistant, and BPA free material. It’s not only extremely durable, but also quite flexible, allowing the veneers to be worn comfortably and securely for your active lifestyle.

Since the material retains its strength on a microscopic level, it’s able to be produced into thin natural looking veneers, all while continuing to stay stable and vibrant over time. The material is colored to the specific white shade chosen, and sealed to lock in the color and retain its stain resistant property.

Using a precise detailing machine, the material can be evenly pressed, cut and layered into its intended design. The fine detailing is always done by hand for the most accurate and exact fit. The veneers are then hand buffed multiple times on a polishing wheel for a rich and smooth finish.

After the last adjustments are made, they’re sent through a series of quality checks that leaves no detail behind. Then, your veneers are sent for a final review- where they are individually inspected and treated to a steam cleaning.

The veneers are checked one more time and disinfected. They’re packed in a sterile solution and ready to get shipped out so you can start celebrating your smile.