From its inception, the PopStops® Garage Stops primary function was to “Stop” your vehicle in your home garage in a simple, yet effective way. Having the ability to customize graphics that homeowners could easily change out themselves and personalize was what really set this product apart. Along with a wide variety of "Licensed" graphics,  PopStops® offers customers virtually any messaging that someone has a passion for.

The “POP” came when the inventors knew that there was far more to this product. The very nature of how a PopStops® was engineered would allow the garage stop unit to easily transform into a "point of purchase" display or a "sidewalk advertising system" by simply adding a special mounting bracket and water bowl(s). This means that virtually any retail business can become "Pet Friendly" overnight and reach a very targeted audience with all kinds of advertising messages, either for their own business, or for others.

Having the flexibility of taking a product from your home garage to a trade show floor or to use while “tailgating” for your favorite sports team, is how PopStops® was born.

PopStops® Stop Your Car!  Display Your Message!