Established in 2009, Portable Workforceis an authority in mobility automation and enterprise mobility hardware applications. The company is a value-added retailer and integrator specializing in providing customizable productivity enhancing hardware. The value proposition includes integrating applications seamlessly into a business’s existing processes and upgrading a company’s enterprise mobility network.

Portable Workforce.com provides hand-held computers similar to the type used by courier service companies. The marriage between hardware and software does away with redundant, time-consuming tasks and helps to speed up a company’s business processes, further enhancing productivity throughout the organization.

The Portable Workforce team boasts 10+ years of industry experience specializing in enterprise mobility and inventory management tools. The team designs solutions for a growing number of industries. Visit http://www.portableworkforce.com to discover how Ducotrax and its mobility hardware solutions can reduce your company’s warehouse-operating costs.