With its origins from Japan, PortaCell was created to serve the increasing need for portable energy to power various portable devices and gadgets. PortaCell-USA is offering supper high-capacity, the highest quality of batteries, external battery pack (powerbank) for majority of laptop, iPod at reasonable prices, the PortaCell name was quick to become synonymous with quality and widely recognized by consumers of portable electronics in Japan and neighboring countries in Asia.

Devoted to the notion that all things are NOT created equal, PortaCell has proven its quality is second to none. From product development & design, to raw materials and final assembly of our batteries, each process is meticulously executed to insure product reliability and safety. Our team of dedicate quality control experts assures that you, the consumer are receiving guaranteed quality.        

In the spirit of sharing all things that are truly exceptional and worthy, PortaCell has expanded across the Pacific to offer the finest portable energy and great service to customers throughout the United States and North America.

PortaCell. Powering Your Portables!

Powering Your Laptop Computer

As it is becoming a trend for all of us to replace our traditional desktop computers with the lighter and more portable laptop computer, it is also common to see someone at a café working with their laptops, checking the latest score of their favorite team at the airport or simply browsing the internet at the park.

Wherever and whatever you may do with your laptop computers, PortaCell is there to power it. With an enormous wide-range offering supper high-capacity of laptop (notebook) batteries for majority of laptops than your original devices on the market, PortaCell has you covered. Our relentless pursuit to offer the highest quality of batteries and power devices for your laptops gives you peace of mind. Our relentless pursuit to offer the laptop battery with the highest quality and safety standard, so the customers can shop with confidence.