Online  platform to create, edits, view, organize and publish ideas, creativity, product, services and content to world without programming.

As we all know iGoogle is getting retired, Lot of people liked it .To fill this vacuum, an enhanced version with more functionality and features is now available at http://portalfin.com  

The platform provides easy to use small applications known as Widgets. These Easy-to-use widgets give you the ease of changing your content and publishing your work in real time. It helps in presenting information in the most acceptable manner. Adding these widgets to any website, blog, social media is easy just a click and paste :).  These widgets help user to do day to day tasks like.

Access Facebook in easy and simple way to communicate with friends, relative, access LinkedIn to view current happening in professional circle.
Do searches , save them using search widget , Twitter widget and publish them ,
Create grocery List , Track children activity , create Task List , Notes , Event Management
Make Widgets and Templates using Form Designer, Presentation Designer, Code editor, Json Editor, Ajax Editor and generate revenue by selling them in JQMarket.
Entrepreneur publishes their business plan using Funding Widgets for capital need for their venture.
Publish Ads and content in different format using Ads Widgets like carousel, slideshow, publish catalog, reports using Book widget, Time Line widget to publish events with date and time.
Collaborate Content and display content the way you like.

We are trying our best to create more value to your content and your ideas by providing simple tools to present them in easy and effective ways. With your help and feedback, our goal is to enhance this platform to create more value to your idea, increase your business and make life simple and contribute to society which we are part of.

Let's try to create better future for our self and children.