Imonggo point of sale is the easiest POS software on Earth. It is simple, intuitive yet powerful and scalable to handle multiple branches and unlimited users... And best of all, it's free for small businesses.

Imonggo is not just a POS system, but a complete web-based retail management solution that enables you to operate and manage hundreds of retail stores. Imonggo combines point of sale, inventory management, sales analysis, customer relationship management and business intelligence functions into an easy and intuitive user interface.

Imonggo was awarded the Best Business Software 2009 in the Point of Sales Software (POS Software) category. Here is the review:
"After we have reviewed and compared all the popular point-of-sale software in the market, we proudly give the 2009 Best of POS software rating to Imonggo.
What clinched the title is the indisputable fact that Imonggo can be used totally free of charge. Most POS software like Microsoft RMS, Microsoft Point of Sale, and QuickBooks Point of Sale charge hidden fees that usually amount to several hundreds of dollars a month and thousands of dollars every year. Imonggo, on the other hand, is absolutely free.
Imonggo is also the easiest POS software out there. It has a minimalist user interface and has a very simple design, yet it does not skimp on the features. Imonggo is a killer POS application with powerful features like inventory management, multi-store, multiple and unlimited users, maximum security and performance through SSL Encryption and dedicated servers, tag sales analysis, layaway feature, manage cash flow feature and many more.
Imonggo, moreover, is a web based application based on the latest Web 2.0 technology. It runs on clusters of secure servers in multiple data centers with real-time backups, so that users can access the system anytime, anywhere. Retail owners don't have to worry about any IT tasks like software installation, nightly backups, software upgrades, and re-configurations.
Imonggo is truly a revolutionary invention. It is a great free software that completely trumps the higher-priced competition. Imonggo may well be the next Google that can affect and benefit the world in a few years."

About Imonggo Inc

Imonggo Inc, is a private joint-venture company, with sales, marketing and support operation in the United States, and with research and development in the Philippines. Imonggo's data center is located in Missouri, USA, with backup in Dallas, Texas.  Imonggo.com is the first software-as-a-service (SaaS) company to offer free Web-based point of sale software to the global market.

Imonggo Inc.
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For more information about Imonggo Free POS Software, please visit http://www.imonggo.com.