Position : Global was founded by Scott Case, a globally renowned international logistics and supply chain executive with twenty years of industry experience. Most recently Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Scott is a licensed Customs broker, a Certified Customs Specialist (CCS), a Certified Export Specialist (CES) and has held the positions at his previous firm as the qualifying individual for their FMC license and as the IAC Security Coordinator.

Scott’s passion for the industry he loves and has been immersed in for his entire life led him to create Position : Global, a company whose focus and dedication is in helping logistics companies communicate with their current customers and gain a foothold with their future customers. This is done through finding new ways for companies to market themselves, revitalizing veteran, established brands and implement and instruct logistics firms on communicating socially, digitally and via print to a wider audience.

Supported by two fully staffed companies experienced in creative design, media creation, design and placement and a web design firm experienced in content presentation for computers, smartphones and tablets as well as search engine optimization that consistently places companies in the top rankings in their fields, Position : Global is the preeminent firm committed to, and best equipped, to help write and tell their clients’ stories to the wider public.