I have more than one website but my main website is to share my learnings and also tips on how to make money on the internet.  When I first started there are a lot of products out on the internet that is sold that people actually buy. How many different products have you purchased over the last year? These can include home study courses, online courses, coaching programs, DVD’s, audio programs, software or eBooks. We are all guilty of buying or downloading way too much stuff.The real question is how has your skill level increased as a result of all these purchases?
There are a lot of people out there that get pleasure from the purchase but they don’t find enough pleasure in the process of learning what it is they are supposed to learn from buying all these different programs.
I believe that knowledge is power and important, maybe some people won’t agree with this and they may say that knowledge isn’t power. Try taking action on the wrong knowledge and find out what happens to you.
If you take the right actions on the wrong knowledge you will be in trouble. The same
goes when you have the right knowledge and you don’t take any action. These two thingsreally do go together.
Do not be afraid to learn from somebody else, there are alot of people that willing to share their knowledgeon what they have learned and they will share how to do it. This is why most people buythese programs because they want to learn and they want to gain knowledge.However, listening to an audio, watching a DVD, or even watching a tutorial that somebodyis showing you step-by-step how to do something is not the acquisition of skill. You may become intellectually more aware of how to do it and you may even be stimulated by watching it or listening to it, but while you are still in the realm of knowledge, get the knowledge on what-to-do and why-to-do it.
There is something that cannot be shipped to you in a box or bottled up and sold to
you. It is something that only you can bring to the table and it is called desire. Desire is
wanting-to-do it. So you can learn alot from great instructors, facilitators, teachers, coaches and consultants that will give you the knowledge on what-to-do and why-to-do it, but itis up to YOU to have the desire to want-to-do it.
How is your implementation process going?

Here’s the thing, nobody can make you use what it is you’ve acquired. You can listen all
day. You can watch all day, but if you do not have the desire to do something, then you
won’t do it. What happens then is that you will be in trouble because you won’t be moving forward. You won’t be translating this knowledge that you’ve gained into actionable, usable skills that you can then turn into some kind of tangible results for your life.

So! How will taking the next step that you identified impact your life or your business or the results that you’re looking to get? What you want to do is to be able to see what your next step should be, and understand the implications of it. You want to be able to understand the impact of it and understand why you should actually take that next step.
If you have the desire to succeed and you are consistent with what you are doing and take action then this is not difficult.  You can Achieve anything you want!