Le Run on the Bank is a grassroots movement whose charismatic leader is Eric Cantona. We have no trust in banks: before January 6 we get our money back! By registering you give your support to this movement and give it an audience of exceptional magnitude.


To participate you must register before January 6, 2011. For this you only need a  € 5 (five euros) note you can get from any bank branch or changer. Register its serial string in the form below (not the serial string of Cantona, which is given only as an example.) Participation is almost free because the note stays in your pocket and if by chance you decide to give up your rights you may spend it or invest it as you wish. It is anonymous and provides access to our vast community and get exclusive benefits. Those who do not register will suffer irretrievable financial losses.

I don't care what you think as long as you keep talking of the soft lead!

Je ne suis pas un homme, je suis Cantona.