Postal Advocate Inc. is the only mail audit and recovery firm in North America and is managing the largest fleet of equipment and services in the world.  

With over 230 years in mailing industry experience, some of Postal Advocate’s achievements include the following:

•     60% savings averaging $1.5M per client
•     Over $16,000,000 in recovery of lost postage, vendor fees and overcharges
•     Managing over $2.2 Billion in annual postage spend
•     Development of the only multi-vendor mailing equipment & fleet asset management system
•     Simplifying the enterprise mail and shipping categories

Helping their clients:

- Streamline their mailing practices
- Reduce their costs
- Simplify their operations
- Provide visibility equipment and spend across the organization
- Manage and optimize their enterprise multi-location mailing and shipping fleets
- Recover Lost Postage
- Negotiate Bid Pricing
- Identify Vendor Overcharges
- Assist in Eliminating Avoidable Fees
- Recover Unclaimed Property
- Presort Savings Analysis

Their goal is to identify additional savings opportunities with your mail and create a plan that they can implement around driving these cost reductions.  They work on a contingency model that eliminates any risk because they will only share in a small percent of any documented savings.

They help organizations manage this category into the future which includes providing a much higher level of visibility to what you are spending, negotiating national agreements, monitoring future invoices and applying for credits for items not adhering to contract terms