Post Chemo Nutrition is focused on providing a high-quality nutritional supplement line for those that have gone through Radiation or Chemotherapy.  With our continual research, education and experience, we strive to only use the best, most validated nutrients in order to help provide noticeable positive changes resulting in restored vitality, focus and energy.  With our ultimate goal of helping you get your "LIFE" back while focusing on REPAIR AND PREVENTION at the same time!

Dr. Dylan Foster, DC, CFMP, PScD, ONC, graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in 1997. His original practice was in the traditional sense, doing adjustments and addressing the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, along with physiotherapy and spinal subluxations. Dr. Foster has always operated on the foundational philosophy that the body can heal itself if you remove the interference.

Understanding the need for nutrition and knowing that only a few hundred hours provided by his Chiropractic school training in the field of nutrition was not enough to address severe health issues, he decided to dive into extensive Post-Doctoral training in the field of Functional Medicine and Nutrition.

Since 2005 Dr. Foster has received extensive Post-Doctoral training in the world of Functional Medicine and Nutritional Oncology, addressing the causes of disease vs. merely treating the symptoms. Focusing primarily on repair and restoration, as well as prevention for many ailments, including cancer. Since then, Dr. Foster has been instrumental in restoring numerous patients to a blissful state of health.

After working with so many “Cancer Survivors,” he noticed a common pattern. These patients go to some of the best Oncologists, and they have wonderful success with surviving cancer, yet they feel terrible. Many live in extreme misery and depression, with brain fog and no motivation, some with complete exhaustion. This has led to many divorces, loss of family members, and even suicide.

In researching this condition further, Dr. Foster found that these amazing Oncologists have not been trained in nutrition and that most medical schools don’t even provide nutritional training. When a person completes Radiation Therapy or Chemotherapy, they can become deficient in many nutrients, and their system can become very inflamed; most importantly, their mitochondria (the energy makers of our cells and body) can be severely compromised.

After 1000's of hours of research, training, experience, and case studies, Dr. Dylan Foster has devised what he considers to be the world’s best ratio of nutrients to help reduce inflammation and restore mitochondrial function for those that have undergone Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy. This was the start of his new company called Post Chemo Nutrition, and many of the nutritional supplements are supplied in a simple, easy to follow kit, called Cell Revive.

Dr. Foster’s mission is to help as many Cancer Survivors as possible, knowing that Everyone Can Heal if they remove the interference and take in the right fuel (nutrients). After thousands of hours of research and education, Dr. Foster is pleased, proud, and blessed to announce his new company, a line of nutritional supplementation explicitly designed for cancer patients; Post Chemo Nutrition.