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Do you use Hoot Suite?? If so, likely you do because you’re trying to SAVE TIME… RIGHT??

Problem #1. Hoot Suite costs you monthly.
Problem #2. They limit you to 50 profiles.

Likely if you’re in the make money, work from home or MLM niche you’re in more than 50 Groups.

Hoot Suite wants $50 for every 50 profiles you add. That can add up with 100s of groups. Plus you have to pay every month! Add that up!  

For Example: There are 300 + Groups in the make money, work at home and mlm niches.

Problem is how are you going to post in them all daily or multi times a day? It will take forever. Just trying doing it.

Smart people so far have started using Hoot Suite but was is the cost?

$50 for 50. 50/300 = 6.

6 x 50 is $300.

And thats on going. $300 a month to not have to post manually. Over a year $300 x $12 = $3600.

Mega Post App posts to UNLIMITED Groups and NO MONTHLY Fee??

Mega Post APP is also Super Simple to use!

The Mega Post App is Super Awesome for Super Cheap! Save Money and Time!

Only $37 One Time:)  

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AWESOME BONUS: Includes Custom Branding

For example: when posting instead of post via Hootsuite it will be post via your brand or what ever you want it to say?