The Potential Millionaire Media Group (PMMG), a
leading media company serving Latino America, today announced it will be forming a podcast network.
The collection of independent podcasts will be known as Audio Dice Network. Audio Dice Network will serve as the multi-platform destination for podcasting in the U.S. and the world, delivering digital audio content which caters to the audience's shared values and passion for all genres of podcasting.

Audio Dice Network will be building on the foundation created by PMMG in Spanish language podcasting, and will be their first English-language effort. Audio Dice Network has managed to establish a collection of individual podcasters who speak with an authentic voice to the bilingual audience across the United States and the world.

Audio Dice Network will hold interests in the "Latin Podcast Awards" and "Podcaster Magazine." Audio Dice Network is committed to serve multicultural audiences across languages and digital platforms. Audio
Dice Network is powered by diversity with the goal to reach a young, diverse audience. The launch of Audio Dice Network will bring a broad multi-platform effort across digital audio, blogs and social media.

Once launched this February 2017, Audio Dice Network will be the entry port to high-quality podcasting digital audio content. Audio Dice Network has reached agreement with:

-Pedro Luis Garcia: Journalist, two-time Emmy winner, Producer, "Bacán Bacán el Podcast."
· Diego Murcia: Journalist, Producer, "El Escribidor" podcast
· Arturo Nava: Author, Producer, "Logra tu Dream"
· Lisandra Pagan: PhD., Producer, "Prepárate el Podcast"
· Felix A. Montelara: Author, Speaker, Producer, "Podcast Potencial Millonario"
· Juan Roberto Cruz (Robert Sasuke): Psychologist, Producer, "Te invito un Café"
· Jaime Demick: Physicist, Educator, Producer, "Science Explained"

and many others great content creators.

At the time of this release, the Audio Dice Network has a combined listener-ship (views/downloads) surpassing several millions download to our collective content creators.

The Audio Dice Network board is comprised of Nora Gierbolini, PMMG Media Specialist; Jaime Demick, PMMG, Co-Founder; Pedro Luis Garcia, Journalist; Diego Murcia, Communication Specialist,  and Felix A. Montelara, Founder, PMMG.

For detailed information contact PMMG or Audio Dice Network at Audiodice@Audiodice.net