First: Write the Book/Second: Everything Else

When it comes to publishing, most writers feel a little overwhelmed, asking themselves, "Now what?" The story is almost perfect, but how do we get it out there for everyone to enjoy rather than sitting on a shelf or in a drawer, forever an unpublished manuscript? Some authors are not comfortable with the restrictions and length of time it takes for traditional publishing houses to launch their work of art. Others who understand that rejections are a part of the publishing process, but who are unwilling to wait, have turned to the ever-popular form of self-publishing.

The publishing dynamics have evolved in the last ten years, and with the internet, social media, networking, and other forms of marketing, self-publishing is emerging into the preferred choice for many new and established writers.

We work with individual authors, both traditional and self-published, and small independent publishers.

Potterton House can help take your completed fiction manuscript and place it in the hands of readers. From editing, formatting, book design, layout, and promotional material, Potterton House can help you achieve your publishing dreams!

The book is yours, the rights are yours, the royalties are yours. You are the publisher—we're simply giving you the tools to succeed.