Premier Expo & Conference for Business Owners and Professionals
One of Toronto’s sure to be best events is being held on October 17 & 18th - The POWER Expo.   Will be held at the Metropolitan Centre located at 3840 Finch Ave East Toronto, ON.  The POWER Expo is a premier event with some of the best local businesses and entrepreneurs on exhibit, along with various key presenters and speakers who will inspire, educate and equip participants through presentations and workshops.  

This event presents a great opportunity for networking where participants and exhibitors are given the opportunity to interact with new businesses and other leaders in their field and are able to gain insightful information from the participants who are attending.

Attendees are able to explore and shop around for products and services that can add value to their day to day life and business. Admission is FREE if you pre-register, but $10 at the door.

Some Highlights Of the Event
Our Exhibitors consist of some of the best local businesses and entrepreneurs who will be showcasing their quality products and services. There would also be live product and service demonstrations and giveaways at the event.

Educational Presentations & Workshops are given by some of the very best in their field.  Attendees and are given the opportunity to attend and learn new skills and ideas to stimulate them intellectually, physically and financially.  Here are some of our speakers and workshop leaders.

Announcing our Key Note Speaker Kim-Marie Redman PhD(c) who is the only Board Certified Master Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis in Canada and often introduced as Canada's Tony Robbins.  She is part of an elite group of  Master NLP Trainers who are focused on leadership and empowerment.
Kim is the CEO, Visionary and Founder of Creatrix Transformational Solutions Inc. She is a personal transformation specialist who empowers leaders to empower others.  She has created many programs and products designed to empower the individual to create extraordinary results in their lives.

Kim Bourne MacGregor, International award-winning author, transformation leader and marketing consultant; James Burgess a business planning strategist; Lynn Woodman a voice, speech and movement teacher; Robert Vallée a top speech and communication coach and R.  Anthony Warner a mentor at Discovery Business Mentoring and Ontario Centre of Excellence; and many  more experts who will inform, inspire, encourage and motivate you to get moving and make it happen NOW!!!

The Launching of two community Awards:  

-     POWER Mentor Excellence Award for Mentors who have made a positive
 impact in their respective field
-     POWER New Entrepreneur Award –  to showcase the most innovative, technologically advanced, and socially conscious new business concepts. (Open to anyone 6-years and older and a great way to get your school and community involved).

Please note that Sponsorships and Exhibitors are still being welcomed.