The Powerful Women in Business Association allows opportunities for our members to enhance their careers. Not only will we provide consulting services, but there are options for our members to participate in lifestyle program, networking opportunities, community services and mentoring programs. We hold to a standard of program initiatives catered to all women. Through these program initiatives, our organization is committed to the development, awareness, and advocacy of issues within the female community. Our goal is to broaden, deepen and enhance the knowledge of the female community by educating and providing services that will improve the livelihood of women


To integrate career minded women that will assist their communities by providing resources, empowerment and inspiration.


Empowerment: We empower our community to maximize their potential.

Commitment: We dedicate ourselves to the improvement of our community

Leadership: We strive to guide others to achieve greatness in their lives.

Partnership: We believe that the improvement of our efforts will develop from collaborating with everyone committed to the enhancement of our community