Process heating solutions specialists, Distributors for Watlow Electric, custom control panels, systems engineering for temperature control applications. Heating systems using radiant heaters, strip and cartridge heaters, heating bands, and custom designed tubular heaters. Precision temperature control systems for industrial applications. Specview SCADA Software Integration for New or Retrofit Systems. Add Communications via RS-485 to any process equipment, with Specview  for process control, real-time full process monitoring and data logging in compliance with latest regulatory requirements. Add process certification capability with full event logging. We are your BEST source for Controls Upgrades and Modernization of Older Controls. Is your Process heating equipment more than 5 or even 10 years old? Contact us for controls upgrades to bring your equipment back to the performance levels of new machines. Extruders, Injection and Compression Molders and Thermoformers can be completely revitalised with control upgrades while keeping the mechanical parts of the equipment that are still performing well. Reduce processing cost while improving quality and reducing scrap rates with precision temperature controls.