PowerOne® is a different kind of calculator that makes fast work of calculations you repeat regularly (plus a full-features standard and RPN calculator for those you don't).

PowerOne does this in three ways. First, it makes it quick and easy to get results. Calculation templates are laid out like mini-spreadsheets. Input what you know and PowerOne will calculate what you don't. PowerOne runs perfectly as an iOS app, Android app, and in your favorite mobile or desktop web browser.

Second, creating templates is simple. While most of us can read and write sentences, far fewer have the same comfort level with numbers. That is because we often talk about math in abstract terms — x or y, A3 or C4 — concepts that most of us don't understand. PowerOne, on the other hand, allows you to describe numbers using phrases, which turns equations into readable sentences. While you can create your own, we also provide many pre-created templates that you can use and/or customize.

Finally, sharing templates is as simple as sending someone the web address.

Award-winning PowerOne was invented by Infinity Softworks and has been distributed to over 20 million customers since 1997. Partners have included DEWALT Tools, GE Security, Samsung, Sony, National Association of Realtors, ETS and the College Board, among others.

This completely re-designed and re-thought version of PowerOne, which became available in early 2018, is the culmination of almost 20 years of thinking on our relationship with numbers. We hope you enjoy the service!