Founded by marketing expert and coach, Allison Tibbs, and PR expert and consultant, Shay Brown, Power Pair Divas was created to provide small business owners, corporate executives, and non-profit organizations with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to run successful Marketing and PR Campaigns for their businesses and organizations.

The Power Pair Divas have committed to hosting Marketing and PR Bootcamps across the country to provide laser focused, hands-on training that will not only educate, but also assist in the application of the knowledge.   Small business owners will have the competence and confidence to ensure that they are getting their Marketing and PR done right!

Our Mission is to eliminate the amount of Marketing and PR mistakes that are made by Small Business Owners.  We understand that many times, small business owners don’t know what they don’t know about Marketing and Pr, thus make decisions based on misinformation and ultimately lead to costly and detrimental outcomes.  Our bootcamps are designed to help to eliminate those mistakes from being made.

Ultimately, our Vision is to create an environment of small business owners who are able to have the greatest success in their businesses by leveraging successful Marketing and PR tools, strategies, and campaigns to maximize their fullest brand potential.