PowerSports Dealers is an exclusive Forum for Authorized Dealers only

Press Release issued from PowerSports-Dealers.com
Denver, Colorado. (December 11, 2014) – PowerSports Dealers is proud to announce it will hosing a Dealer only exclusive forum.

PowerSports Dealers now have a place to voice their concerns across the industry.  Up until now dealers have only had access to their manufacture and brand reps when a concern is raised or it is felt a changes need to be made.  Those that choose to join our community will now have a voice beyond their rep.  Our forum will also give dealers access to an array of dealers across the US along with a great deal of business knowledge and tools.  Whether you own a multi-line dealership or a small online parts and apparel business, the PowerSports Dealers forum will have the information you need to improve your business.  At PowerSports-Dealers.com we believe that if we all work together we can all move forward.

"We are very excited to bring such an opportunity to the powersports Industry.  I have worked in the powersports industry for more then 30 years and up to this point we have not had a common voice.  With this forum we will not only be able to come together when change needs to be made but we will also have a place to communicate with other like dealers about an array of topics." Scott Jones owner and forum administrator.

PowerSports Dealers is also looking for site sponsors at this time. Our form will also give Manufactures and Distributors a place to post new release products and product knowledge for their brand.
For more information about the PowerSports Dealers Forum please visit our web site at www.powersports-dealers.com or email us at admin@powersports-dealers.com or give us a call at 800-699-7016