Two Twin Cities businesswomen are crowdfunding a “stunning” business, PowerUp Women. The company has launched to empower women to be proactive in their own personal safety. PowerUp is producing the first ever, patent pending, Stun Bracelets and Stun Ring. This new technology puts 130,000 volts on the fingers and wrists of women giving them added protection in their own personal safety.  

PowerUp does not focus on the facts, but wants to affect them. The facts are staggering: every two minutes a women is sexually assaulted in the U.S., and one in six women will face an attempted personal attack in their lifetime.

PowerUp will level the playing field by creating self-defense products that will put more POWER literally in the hands of women all across the U.S.

PowerUp is launching two bracelet styles: an athletic bracelet and a bangle. And a stylish ring.  Products are quick to charge – a charge last 24 hours – and are armed in seconds as needed. For full detail of how it works, please visit our website at www.powerupwomen.com.

“A personal attack happens when a women is vulnerable, and PowerUp gives her added power at the exact time she needs it, and with easy access  – it is where you need it, when you need it,” said Beth Biersdorf.

PowerUp is crowdfunding the development of these first two collections. Products can be pre-ordered now on Indiegogo.com for a discounted price. The campaign is at igg.me/at/powerupwomen.com.  PowerUp hopes to raise at least $100,000 in this first effort. A percentage of all proceeds will go to women empowerment programs nationally.

PowerUp Plans to expand the athletic line to include collegiate colors so bracelets can be sold on campus in school colors.  


Beth Biersdorf/President: Successful small business owner, admin and marketing genius, she has worked with some of the biggest brands in the US. Beth has been spent her entire career empowering people with her positive energy and business acumen.

Lisa Dinndorf/Chairwomen: A seasoned business builder, Lisa has run events and marketing for the Minneapolis Downtown Council and has worked with industry-leading sports, marketing, entertainment and technology companies throughout her career.

On a personal note, both women have daughters that have ventured off to college, which was an inspiration to work together and develop products that could empower them and other women.